Is Upline Support The Key To Your Success?

How many times have you heard someone claim the reason they quit their MLM business was because they didn't get "upline support"? I dare say, this is perhaps one of the top five reasons people give for their lack of meaningful achievement.

I realize that what I going to discuss may rub some people the wrong way but .....

Unless you have been sponsored personally by the CEO or Owner of the company you are representing, claiming a lack of upline support is probably not a fair indictment. Now, in some companies, certainly one that I was involved with early in my experience, reps are corralled within "lines of sponsorship". The utilization of the LOS loyalty helps to control the flow and source of information which that leadership wishes to flower upon the downline. Some may recognize this as the "mushroom" effect. Keep them in the dark and spread crap all around them.

In this type of organization I would agree that there would be a greater likelihood of being abandoned by your upline. Where adherence to following the chain of command, so to speak, is taught as being "on system", the resilience of the business structure is susceptible for blow-outs.

But let's return to the majority of the companies in Network Marketing. You know, the one's where you are truly an independent business owner? The teams where they don't dictate an entrenched and outdated "system" that has long ago proven itself ineffective.

In these "real" networking companies, you are provided the contact information and access to many people upline. This list may even extend to the highest levels with the corporation. If you have the phone numbers of anyone in your upteam (other than your sponsor), you have the ability to secure the support you require. Unless you have persevered and sought your solution by calling "up" as far as you can, is if fair to blame the upline entirely?

We have a chance to make great associations and friendships within our business. Remember though, for most of us, it is still a business. If you embark on your path to create a legitimate and profitable business at the beginning, are you establishing yourself as an independent business owner or an obedient hobbyist?


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