Federal Trade Commission To Violate Your Privacy

Within the currently proposed Business Opportunity Rule floated by the FTC, the provision that will require EACH marketer to provide the name, address, and phone number of the last ten (10) purchasers of your business opportunity is clearly a threat to your privacy and your ability to preserve your family's security.

Does any other seller of a product or service follow such legal requirement? Image a car dealership having to provide, under the threat of law, a list of the last ten people who purchased a vehicle. How about a realtor?

Consider the near impossibility of maintaining a "current" list of the last ten purchasers in your area of your business opportunity. How often would this change? This list could be outdated on an hour-to-hour basis, particularly if you have a large organization.

How about we also publish the home addresses of the Federal Trade Commission Board Members and ALL the regulators as well?


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