Judging The Entrants In The MLM Parade

I was surfing through Dane Carlson's blog archives and found a post he made some time ago about MLMs. The article he refers provides some basic items to consider when getting started in ANY networking business.

Here's a bit of what is outlined;
1. Sell only quality products at fair prices. The company supplying the product must be reputable and offer prompt service.

2. Choose specific items or product lines that sell for under $20 and will lead to later sales of the same item to the same person.

3. Show the product and give brochures to absolutely everyone you know from your brother to your meter reader to the person at the gas company who opens your check envelope. These people will eventually come to you.

4. When using the mails to distribute brochures, always add a personal note written in pen, with each one, encouraging them to read the material and outlining what you know about their business that makes your opportunity so good for them. Get them to read the literature. Personal sales notes are incredibly powerful tools.

5. When using the mails, be careful about using mailing lists. Most commercial lists are overpriced and pull much more poorly than advertised. It is wiser to advertise your opportunity in magazines with classified sections, especially those with other MLM ads.

6. Contact as many people as you can in a 24-hour day. You will not get rich by getting others to make you rich. You will get rich by being successful yourself and by showing others your success and your success will only come through action.

7. Fast money in MLM is rare; big money is not so rare. You may not even get a first check for six weeks, and it will probably be small. The aim of your efforts will be to build toward a network of distributors under you, especially on the third through fifth levels where fortunes are won and lost.

You can read the rest at:
Judging The Entrants In The MLM Parade

Thanks Dane for finding this item.

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